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In Our Biz… Have you thought about the lighting?

To start with, lighting is an important element of any meeting. It’s a learning environment, so to keep folks alert and learning is important. Being able to focus on the notes and the presentation go together. So many people are on their screens, this lighting and the room lighting must work together.

You know you don’t have to settle for the beige, fluorescent light that comes with your conference hall or meeting room.

Unleash your imagination, use different colour palettes and uplights to add to the event’s atmosphere. Think about how you can use your brand colours to make a statement. If you’re in a big hall, and want attendees to see something of importance, use a bright spotlight to highlight the area. You can change the mood of a room as simply as turning lights down or up.

It’s up to you to make a difference in how delegates remember your event, beige or brilliant.

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