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Howes Group Newsletter - August

The month of August, how sweet you are!  The eighth month is officially my favourite. The initial fervor of ‘summer busy’ levels out as parents have found a groove for the kids and everyone is enjoying some well earned leisure. The lake temperatures have risen, the bug population has diminished and the sunsets cast wonderful long shadows over everything.

For us at THG, summer is a very busy time as we continue our research and curate data to have reports ready for folks when they return from vacation. The end of August typically reveals a window in which I can daisy chain a few good weather days together for a short break. This summer we are officially taking a vacation! Two years ago we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and promised ourselves we would return to the Mediterranean someday.  Well it seems #Sweet16 is the year. It is exciting and frightening all at the same time as the internet connection will be minimal – at best. The little villa we booked says that we might have WiFi on the balcony on a clear day. I said pardon?

A forced electronic detox. Ok. Wish me luck!  For years I have dreamed of working from anywhere and have been an avid pioneer and ambassador for telecommuting.

Like we have seen of late with the Pokémon Go players, I do not want to be the crazed WiFi Warrior roaming the Italian coast hunting for connection or a rare Mewtwo!

How do you handle being disconnected from work?  Are you a star or a rookie like me?

Timely yours, Brenda

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