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Brenda Howes

You’ve heard me speak of fair and logical (just a few times) and so I’d love to throw this out there for us to have a virtual conversation. My issue is that we book some room blocks, two, three and even five years out, and then just days before the arrival date, the hotel asks us for precise numbers of attendees – on specific days. Gosh, if we could predict the future so well, there’s a good chance we’d be basking on an island in the Maldives on Tuesday, September 10, 2022 instead of worrying about meeting performance numbers for pickup.

Now to be fair, the hotel has taken the inventory for our block off the market and is holding the rooms for our meeting. We get that. Their position is that they have potentially turned away business to hold ‘our rooms’. Now hang on a minute, insisting that we know how many rooms we need on a particular night doesn’t recognize that we too need some wiggle room. Right!?!

Hopefully you have built in some flexibility and made the block based on a cumulative performance. However, blocks do not start out that way.

If you need professional guidance to ensure you build grace and understanding into your performance expectations, give us a call. Those details need to be discussed before you sign on the dotted line. We do this every day and pride ourselves on avoiding attrition for our clients. This is the ‘A List’ you want to avoid, at all costs!

Timely yours,

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