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Top 5 Tips – Myth Busters: Site Selection Services

Written by: Desmond Lomas

We speak to many meeting professionals about how we can help them. Some of them eventually become clients. We like that. Others, for many reasons, decide that site selection is not for them. We also come across site selection myths that we are only too happy to bust:


Myth #1 – It will cost me more to use site selection because guestroom rates are commissionable.
Busted: You benefit from our buying power. This drives down room rates.  Furthermore, you gain savings through expert negotiation in other areas of the contract. For example, we save you time. We negotiate contractual clauses that ensure no rate increase due to commission.

Myth #2 – I will lose contact with my network of suppliers and industry friends.
Busted: This should never be a concern. We encourage you to stay in contact with suppliers. Go on familiarization trips to new destinations. Continue to meet for lunch. You keep your industry networks and friends intact.

Myth #3 – I’ve been doing this for years. I don’t need any help.
Busted:  Your experience coupled with a site selection partner gives you insight to what’s new in hotels. We stay on top of industry trends and contract issues that might sideswipe your plans. We answer the calls that you don’t have time to answer. We work on your behalf.

Myth #4 – Site selection can’t help with my other meeting related services.
Busted: Our network of trusted suppliers offers full-service convention planning, on-line registration services, AV and much more. We are your one-stop shop to conference bliss.

Myth #5 My meeting isn’t big enough to ask for help. It won’t be worth your while.
Let’s talk about your meetings. In most cases, we will handle meetings that need as few as 25 room nights.

There are a lot of myths swirling about site selection services. Few are true. Get in touch, we’ll help you benefit, and we’ll bust a few myths together.

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