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Written by: Jeanna André-Murdie

Recently, The Howes Group hosted a LinkedIn education session with an Ottawa based LinkedIn Influencer, Michaela Alexis. There we learned about the uses of LinkedIn, how to improve your profile and what makes it stand out.

1.  Profile & Banner Photo – Appearance is important. We learned that if your profile picture has your forehead or eyes covered you appear less trustworthy!  Make sure your photo has been taken in the last two years and represents your personal or professional brand. Your Banner photo can also be changed to reflect your business or interests. Check out my banner photo with our hashtag –  #Howesyourcontract

2.  Skills & Endorsements – Endorsing your connections is a gift! Everyone likes hearing good things about their work and who they are; however, having it in writing provides validity to what they do. Endorse someone for their skills and send recommendations on work anniversaries or birthdays, as a thank you!

3.  Connections – have you personalized your request when sending a connection request? Statistics show, more people are likely to connect with you if you give a frame of reference of where you met, why you want to connect or perhaps what you have in common such as your university, conference or industry.

4.  POST! – Don’t lurk in the shadows and scroll through the contributions of others. Post great, relevant content to engage not only your connections, but by creating hashtags and campaigns that engage a wider audience, you and your message might even go viral. Our LinkedIn expert Michaela Alexis went from being laid off, to president of her own company. She is a LinkedIn influencer with more than 500,000 followers and commands stages around the world as a speaker.

5.  Media Content – Add everything and anything your name or company is in, and if you don’t have any, create it! Articles, videos, blogs, and more are the quickest way your delegates, clients and connections can see what you offer, what’s coming and who you are as an organization or brand. At The Howes Group we know the value of our newsletter readership and this is transferred in multiple platforms to allow our clients, partners and interested parties see who we are.


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