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Well, four months into this ‘new normal’ and it is fascinating to hear how those of us in the hospitality industry have similar stories in that we are all on a ‘loss and grief’ journey with a light flickering with optimism. The flame has not been totally extinguished.  

Just like the journey of success, the trajectory of grief is not linear – at all. It is messy and difficult. And according to psychologists, just what we need to grow. Great – thanks!

My interpretations of the stages of the COVID-19 situation:

  • Denial – Canada is safe and has a low chance of the infection spreading.
  • Anger – How the HELL did this start and WHO dropped the ball?
  • Depression – Do you think Dill Pickle Chips goes better with Aero or Caramilk bars?  
  • Negotiation – Ok so 2020 is a bust however we will have 2021 to recover.
  • Acceptance – OK so 2020 is a total bust and there will be no ‘normal’ for a very long time.

It is my sincere hope that you are starting to find some silver linings in this global mess. 

Here are a few of mine to help start you off with your list:

  • Have more time to read and think
  • Able to spend quality time with my husband and dogs and cooking every night together
  • Dig myself out of the mess with creative projects (Daily recording with my mom)
  • Crossed off some household ‘to do’ list items!
  • Become more comfortable with video meetings 
  • Come to enjoy the less ‘crazy’ schedule

Hope you are able to create your own ever-growing list of ‘silver linings’. As ‘they’ say, our reaction to what we can’t change – is what we can control. If you’re looking for me, I will be counting blessings and looking for the light.   

Timely yours, 

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