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There is no question that each time we present a program to a hotel, we are looking for the best value. One way to ensure the hotel will come back with that a good offer straight away, is to give the hotel a concise snapshot of what is needed.

When a hotel receives an RFP, they review the information and determine very quickly:

How many attendees?
How much meeting space you need?
How many bedrooms you are requesting?

Then the next question is, has this group hosted this meeting, in this format before?

Each of us thinks that our meeting is the most important meeting while a sales manager responds to multiple requests in a day. They look at what is currently on the books and see if our meeting is a ‘fit’ for them.

To help a hotel determine if we are a match, providing history for our group is very helpful. This history includes:

Where did you host your last meeting? (City and host hotel)
What was your final pickup?
What was your food and beverage spend?

Knowing this information helps the sales person approach the revenue manager and gives them background intel to ‘pitch’ your piece of business. No one wants to repeat history that didn’t come away with great results.

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