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Over the holidays my head cold made sure that I rested and this also ensured that the Netflix subscription we have had for almost rocket-sciencea year was well used. What was most amazing is that I was able to work the four remotes ‘by myself’ that it takes to enter this world of entertainment. The show that held my interest for a number of hours is called MadMen: a story of an advertising agency in New York City, set in the sixties surrounded with smoke and lots of whiskey. Not unlike their counterparts of 2013, the better they perform – the less like work it appears to be.

For those outside of our industry including our family and friends, our work is often viewed as fun. Especially after the ‘holiday season circuit’ it is hard to deny that we do not have a significant injection of enjoyment pumped into our industry. The reason we find it fun is because we are good at it and hard wired to enjoy the social aspect of our work. For many, networking and collaborating is an arduous task best left to others.

Often we hear folks within our industry say that what we do is not rocket science. For the record, I’m going to say, ‘it is more difficult.’ In the world of science and computers, the answer has one of two options: 1 or 0 or black or white. There is no debate on whether the answer is correct as they know it is precisely what it is predetermined to be. In our world, there is no one answer – the solution is based on an infinite number of possibilities. We are dealing with unknowns, risk, perceptions, careers and visions. The really fun part for us is when we have the opportunity to bring together the rocket scientists into an engaging atmosphere and ensure they have all they need without them even precisely knowing they need it. It allows the delegates to focus on their task of innovating and changing our world while we stay one step ahead anticipating potential outcomes. The higher the delegate response scores, the harder we know we have worked to ensure folks believe that we are simply having fun!

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