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Is What You Believe True?As the old saying goes, ‘you can learn something new every day.’ I love to learn and last week, not only did I learn something new, I had to unlearn something that I held to be an absolute. For my entire adult life, I believed this truth. In fact, I believed it to be the law. Turns out I was wrong, and I have been wrong since I was sixteen years old!

I had no reason to not believe this truth. In fact, there seemed to be some logic as to why it was true. When I tell you what this truth is – wait for it – many of you will say, ‘Ah heck, I knew that. Is she just catching up now!?!’. Others will say, ‘Ah heck, I too thought this was ‘the truth’.’ (Let me know what you believe!!)

This new truth is something I am going to truly enjoy. Something I have even as recently as two weeks ago.

What is this truth? Okay here it is: For years I believed that driving barefoot in Canada was illegal. Turns out, there are no laws that exist that hold this to be true.

It certainly made me wonder about a lot of other truths I embrace and believe. I wonder how many other things I believe to be true are not…

Timely yours,

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