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The road to happiness is often under construction. Often there are detours and shortcuts we take thinking we will reach our destination faster. Then there are the risky ‘off-roading ATV adventure’ moves which kick up the adrenaline by providing the exciting possibility of ending up in the ditch! Happiness is a journey.

Our cultural messaging implies we need to be ‘sugar rush happy’ in every moment. As we know, it is not sustainable or even remotely realistic because, well, life happens. Some of it we can control, however, much we have no control over. Only our reaction is within our control.  

At this time of harvest and season change, the dairy farmer’s daughter in me begins to look around and give thanks for the harvest, literally and metaphorically. As it turns out the science tells us that being grateful makes us happier and more content. Dr Robert Emmons, a scientific expert on gratitude, says being grateful: 

  • Increases our immune system
  • Helps us sleep better
  • Reduces the sense of entitlement
  • Increases feelings of connectedness

Thank you ever so much for your interest and most generous feedback each month on this newsletter/blog. May this season of gratefulness and gratitude bring you many reasons to keep truckin’ down your happy highway of life as it truly is the journey and not the destination. 

Timely yours, 

PS. Grateful as well for the thirty (30!) years of marriage we celebrate this month! (Yes we were married VERY young!)   

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