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Hospitality Heroes The Howes GroupEvery time a client comes back from their conference and/or meeting, The Howes Group (THG) does a debrief with them. By the time we connect, I have a pretty good idea of how things went based on the room pickup because we track that for our groups. I am always eager to hear the specific details of what made it great or who fixed something so seamlessly that n’er a delegate noticed an issue or problem.

In all our collective experiences at THG, we see heroes consistently emerge from the behind-the-scenes team. Heroes are part of the banquet team, they can be found at the front desk, in the kitchen, housekeeping and the bellmen. Notably, this is also where you will find hotel team members with the longest tenure. Ten, fifteen and twenty years of experience for these individuals is not unusual. In fact, it is more often the norm.

Many times there are great and hero-defining moments that go far beyond the contractual obligations. It doesn’t have to be something monumental but rather a thoughtful gesture that made the delegates’ and our clients’ experience memorable.

Let’s raise a toast to salute all those hospitality heroes who are ‘behind the scenes’ and in the ‘wings’. Thank you for your commitment, and for working so hard and diligently to make our visions breathe to life.

Please share this with a hero you know who makes an impact on an event. Their efforts and dedication are so appreciated and make a world of difference!

Timely yours,

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