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“Experience is a hard teacher as she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards.”, Vern Law

Mistakes, lapses of judgement, errors, omissions, they all have one thing in common:  when you are on the other side of the error, you are often unaware of the impending doom. The bright side is that great learning comes from ‘mistakes’.

Learning is a humbling adventure and yet critical for making progress. While I don’t remember learning to walk, I do remember learning to ride my bike and pony.  Falling off and getting back on is a true test of courage.  It implies a desire to conquer the challenge.  The option to quit is not an option.

The post mortem for events is so critical for revealing how to take the event to the next level.  Learning what did not work can be more enlightening than what did work.

The two qualities that meeting planners possess are tenacity and grit.  They know that innovation is not the path with the smooth suspension.  Like being a kid at the back of the bus, there are times that you will bounce right out of your seat!

Timely yours,

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