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Without contracts or costs, we commit to your success, one meeting at a time.Of course you are busy!  What a silly question.  You are a meeting planner.  Although your job is the eighth most stressful profession in the 2015 career pages, being busy is just how you like it.  As a former meeting planner, I get it!  If ‘crossing tasks off a to do list’ was a competitive sport, you’d be on the podium.

At the end of June, my colleague Desmond and I were award finalists at the Cvent CONNECT conference in Las Vegas.  What a wonderful experience!  We were in keynote speaker heaven: Arianna Huffington, Ivanka Trump, Juliet Funt, Randi Zuckerberg to name the headliners.  Can you imagine the budget for the speakers, let alone the 280′ long high definition screen that commanded the room?  That screen was enormous and impressive.

My favourite keynote was Arianna Huffington.  She had such an impact on me that weeks later, I am still thinking about her message.  She shared a very personal story about an experience that changed how she defined success.  One day, while building her media empire, exhaustion overtook her and she fainted and actually knocked herself out.  Moments later she woke up and found herself lying in a pool of her own blood – alone.  As she picked herself up, she asked herself, “Is this what success looks like?”  It was at that moment she realized she needed to slow it down, sleep well and redefine her definition of success.

The reason I am experiencing an “Arianna earworm” is because I resonate with her message to ‘take care, slow down, meditate and breathe’ however, I also know that our industry moves at a Vegas pace.  Summer time is a great time to reevaluate.

I have decided that it is my mission before the end of summer to unplug and slow down for even just a few days.  How about you?  Have you had a chance to enjoy the summer yet?  How do you balance your crazy-busy job with well-deserved rest?

Timely yours,

PS.  OK just one more industry event before vacation!  See you at Incentive Works in Toronto on August 18-19th!

PPS.  Great recap content from the Engaging Associations Forum – Coming Soon!

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