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To thank folks for a job well done is rewarding. It means that someone has delivered on their promise to service a request. To me giving is the most selfish act as it makes me feel good – I like to give. The disconnect I have is when a gift or tip is simply expected.

Years ago, when I was a bartender, I heard a ‘joke’ asking the difference between a canoe and a Canadian? The answer: One tips. While that stings a bit as a Canuck, I can relate. As a bartender, I’ve been on the non-receiving end of the service transaction.

It is well known that positions in hospitality and service industry are not highly-paid and folks augment their salaries with tips.

Having the tip and gratuity included or optional is a complicated issue. On one hand, who wants to have a service fee built-in when you don’t feel that the service was tip worthy? Like the other day at a golf club when the wait time for getting a drink was well above the norm. It gave me pause when I learned that the tip was included. On the other hand, you know that not everyone leaves a tip so if it is not built in, these folks are expected to give consistent good quality service without any guarantee of reward or recognition.

Since 2014, more hotels chains have placed envelopes in hotel rooms to encourage guests to tip the housekeeping staff. This annoyed me then and now. I feel there needs to be some corporate responsibility to ensure staff is paid sufficiently rather than once again relying on the end user to make up the difference.

Here is a list of countries that don’t  encourage tips. In this Huffington Post article, an Australian server explains why she prefers this to relying on folks to tip her directly. Essentially, she says that being paid slightly higher ensures that on a slow day, her level of enthusiasm does not waver. It makes sense. At the same time, I do like to have the option to determine the amount of tip has been earned.

Your thoughts on this dilemma?  Tip in or tip out?

Timely yours,

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