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The day after my seventh birthday, we were all in the family Chevy driving along when my dad turned around and asked me if I wanted to stop in and see some horses as he had to speak to a man about a few things. Well you didn’t have to ask this girl twice! We drove into the yard and I was out of the car and at the main door before the car was in park. A much older girl of twenty (it’s all relative!) greeted us and enthusiastically said that she would give the children a tour of the stables. My parents hung back with the other adults as the kids went on the adventure. Midway through the barn, after saying hello to all the horses who had their heads out of their stalls, our guide pointed to a spot and asked only me to wait there as she had something to show me. Soon after, she came out of a stall leading a beautiful white pony who had a huge red bow tied around its neck. The next few moments were a bit confusing because she told me that some lucky girl’s parents had bought this pony for her and they were coming shortly to pick the pony up but we had a few minutes to say hello. I agreed with my host that, yes indeed, that was one very lucky girl. As I began to touch the softest muzzle in the world, she then told me that it was MY pony, for My birthday, from My parents. THAT was a happy day that turned into many happy years.

Our neighbour is a Harvard professor in well-being and happiness and during his tenure he received the best lecturer honour year over year. (I’m sure that made him happy!) Interestingly, we bought our house from a woman who studied play and the need for fun and joy. It seems that we are surrounded by the pursuit of happiness which has led to a real interest to follow the exciting scientific discoveries of what makes one happy. The amount of research that is currently being done on the brain and the state of our contentment is enormous. Here on this link, you will find scientific questionnaires that rate your level of happiness and give you resources to read on the topic.

Researchers explain that happiness is made up of three components: pleasure, engagement and meaning. Call me crazy, but are these not the same key ingredients meeting planners want for delegates? Lasting positive effect from attending a conference is certainly the ultimate goal. So folks, you heard it here first…we all just want to be happy!

Timely yours, Brenda

PS. Our banner image is the formula for the ‘The Happiest Day of the Year’ for the northern hemisphere which this year is June 21, 2013. According to the calculation, O + (N xS) + Cpm/T + He. – O stands for being outdoors and outdoor activity, N is connection with nature, which is in full bloom now, S is socialisation with neighbours and friends, Cpm stands for childhood positive memories, T is the mean temperature which is now usually warm, and He is holiday expected.

PPS. Canada was voted in the 2013 OECD Better Life Index as the 3rd Happiest Country in the world, only behind Australia and Sweden.

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