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This month The Howes Group will celebrate our fourth anniversary!! (Cue the confetti! Streamers!! Champagne!!) It has gone by so fast. Thank you to everyone who is on this amazing journey with us!!!

According to Hallmark, the traditional gift for celebrating your fourth anniversary is flowers and the modern gift is an appliance. Having celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last October, we’re in the ‘a dishwasher is a perfectly acceptable gift’ phase although make sure you check with your partner ‘twice’ to ensure an appliance will suffice. Not to dole out relationship advice, as this isn’t that sort of blog, might I suggest a Sub Zero wine cooler to be a better idea over an Electrolux ‘anything’ – for any year of celebration!

Speaking of celebrating and milestones, next month also marks the tenth anniversary of the business decision to exclusively focus on site selection in the conference planning process. According to bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, from his book Outliers, that is another reason for celebration as he explains that you need to invest 10,000 hours – or ten years – on a specific task to attain a certain level of mastery. Gladwell goes on to explain that success is reliant on a number of factors outside of the individual, and most importantly, one never does it alone.

My favourite analogy to teamwork is how the redwood trees on the west coast of North America grow. Surprisingly, these amazing skyscrapers have a shallow root system and to protect themselves against the elements, they wrap their roots around each other in a complex network that holds them all tall, strong and reaching for the sky.

Cheers to another fabulous year filled with adventure! Interesting, the Hallmark calendar does not indicate when the trip to the Polynesian islands is for all of us! Let’s make that the modern celebration for 5 years ok?! Who’s in?

Timely yours, Brenda

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