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By: Jeanna André-Murdie

Food and Beverage during a meeting is something that all the participants look forward to each break and meal time. Not only is it a break from the conference but it’s kind of fun to see what has been selected to be served.

  1. Go Low – Go lower on your Food & Beverage minimum to ensure you meet and exceed your requirements.
  2. Go Bulk – Buffets are often a much better value for your meals as they don’t require a large staff of waiters to serve the room. As well, many hotels offer meeting packages that will include your meeting space and meals/snacks through the day.  Ask if Coffee comes by the pot rather than per cup.
  3. Go Half – in some cases, at convention centres you can save quite a bit if you piggyback on the menu of another group already in house. It is a lot easier for a kitchen to make more of one thing than trying to make 20 sandwiches.
  4. Go Lightly– choose to serve a better lunch, coffee at breaks and allow your group to get their own breakfast. In most cases, you generally have something small at breakfast so it is not always needed to have a big hot buffet, and it helps keep everyone alert.  OR choose a light healthy lunch and light continental breakfast with protein.
  5. Go Out – in many cases, the organization simply isn’t allowed to cover feeding everyone. In this case, choose a suites hotel and offer to get groceries, or go to hotels that offer a complimentary breakfast and have a restaurant either onsite or several close by. In this case, you may pay a bit more for meeting space rental as you won’t have the food as a bargaining tool.
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