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Five Hand Washing Tips To Ponder
  1. Have I washed my hands?
  2. Has it been 20 seconds and did I get in between my fingers well enough?
  3. What hand creme shall I use to give my hands some relief?
  4. Have I cleaned under my nails?   
  5. Why do I touch my face so MUCH?!!! (Thankfully with one hand these last few weeks it’s been 50% easier!) 

In 2009, I had the privilege to meet Dr. Professor Didier Pittet, Director of Infection Control Program, University of Geneva Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine. Since the early ’90s, his focus has been on infection control and hand hygiene, in particular in the field of patient safety. After SARS, there was a lot to review on how well the hospitals performed under such highly infectious conditions. Hand washing to this day continues to be the best front line of defence to contracting COVID-19. Here is the TED Talk that Dr. Pittet gave in 2016.
Virtual hugs to everyone. Be well.   

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