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June 2016 is a special month as we have five Thursdays and so to fulfill our commitment, I’ve created an extra ‘bonus’ blog on a topic that is really (really) important to us here at The Howes Group.

Parents know that having things ‘fair’ is a daily and sometimes even hourly challenge. Treats, bedtime hours, gifts, attention and even consequences for actions are to be doled out equally and as fairly as possible.

That being said sometimes our own biases, which we are not even aware of can skew our perceptions of what is fair.

Here is an amazing video of researchers rewarding Capuchin monkeys for ‘the same task’ with different rewards. It doesn’t take long for the ‘jilted’ monkey to revolt.

Having to do the same job and then being rewarded less, does not go unnoticed.

Asking for hotels to be ‘fair’ is the cornerstone to what we do at The Howes Group. Arriving at what is ‘fair’ requires good discussion and logic.


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