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Six months ago, we installed an automatic garage door opener in our new ‘old’ place. The garage ceiling has a low section down the centre, so the main motor had to be ‘MacGyvered’ into place. For two weeks it worked perfect and then it started with the dreaded intermittent fail. It didn’t fail every time – just every so often. It took a few more weeks to realize it was an ‘EP’, which in Howes-residence speak is known as an ‘Everyday Problem’.

There are always going to be ‘problems and issues’ in our days, however, when they become ‘everyday problems’, is when they are moved up to the top of the ‘to do’ list. The ideal time to fix these challenges is when it’s still a small fix instead of an emergency.    

Technology tends to be both a friend and foe. This past weekend, I spent four hours at the Apple Store getting a full health check of my laptop. This broke down to three hours waiting for the appointment and one to actually deal with the issue(s). For the last month, the ‘hard disk space’ warning kept appearing even with my many efforts to off-load data. Investing a few precious weekend hours to address a minor issue which could easily wreak havoc on a working day seemed like good ROI.   

Is there something that just simply BUGS you at each and every conference you run? Does the morning plenary always run late, compressing the first breakout? Do delegates forget to provide you with their food allergies and preferences which makes on-site meal confirmations more difficult? Is your registration system customized to what you really need?

This is a small reminder to address the minutia irritants as their level of aggravation grows exponentially faster than the size of the problem. This preventive action also makes you feel SO ACCOMPLISHED, pro-active and ahead of the game. 

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