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The Howes Group BlogFebruary is a month to celebrate love, connection and belonging. The universal need to find where we fit is something exceptional meeting planners understand and use when they design the delegate experience roadmap for their conference. The challenge is to look after so many interests from an infinite amount of perspectives, on a finite budget.

A few weeks ago our CFO, Rod, was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This colossal convention draws 184,000 visitors annually. Delegates eagerly peek into the future: one that is not so far away. It is truly the global stage for innovation.

This year’s main themes were augmented reality, SMART home products and, of course, robotics. The conference streams were carefully segmented and then sub-segmented to ensure the delegates could ‘geek-out’ to their heart’s content. Essentially the CES design gave people the ability to customize their experience to meet their personal expectations for the conference.

Understanding peoples’ needs makes it easier to plan a conference. Just like those personality indicator tools that human resource managers use with job applicants, I have thought a lot about the different delegate personalities. Watch for next month’s blog when I will share different personality types that have very individual requirements.

What do you expect from your conference experience?

Timely yours,

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  • Kimberley

    I look froward to having enough downtime to connect with others at the conference. It is as important or more to learn from those attending the conference with you and from their experiences, as it is at times from those speaking at a conference.

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