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The Howes Group Newsletter November 2017To learn and adapt are the keys to staying ‘in the game’. We know that. It just fascinates me at how many roles we need to play these days. Earlier this month, I had to add a crash course on cyber security to my learning. Our blog at was under attack from cyber bots. The two levels of encryption were obviously not enough and so a third layer of protection was added. We are now locked down and secure. My goodness… AND we welcome ALL comments to our blog. (Wink! Wink!)

Thankfully we invested in resources to ward off these sorts of potential threats. Although at the time that it is happening – it sure feels invasive.

At the IMEX show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I sat in on two back-to-back sessions on hotel contracts with Tyra Hilliard. A lawyer, Tyra also has a PhD in Hospitality and is a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP). The question was raised about who is responsible for the security of data during a conference: the host, venue or perhaps the delegate?

While a few cases have gone to litigation, it seems that more due diligence will be required from hosts. They must ensure that their partners comply to the minimum standards of secure connection. The real challenge is…the minimum standards change every day.

The new reality is that we must use strategic moves to stay ahead of the bots. While very annoying and stressful, I did learn more and was able to again assess our ‘armour’. It’s a battle!

So, head on over to our blog and tell us about your latest cyber security battle. We have left the door open just enough for you – our allies.

Timely yours,

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