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Without contracts or costs, we commit to your success, one meeting at a time.For almost two decades she has been my boss! Most of the time we get along just fine but OMG there are days when I would just love to tell her what I really think. Who does she think she is!? Does she not understand that I am the wind beneath her wings? She is nothing without me! All she does is work and I’m the one that gives this place its vibe – its spark – its joie de vivre! I’m the one who makes us enjoy some leisure, take strolls, have dinner with friends and sample the fun in life. ‘She’ is the one who insists that we need to earn our fun. Whatever!

Years ago she took away our time together when we would commute to work and listen to morning radio and ‘books on tape’. Where is that time now I ask? Now we listen to pre-selected playlists from some app called Songza, we download our reading and get our DIY tips from YouTube because she says it’s more efficient. She’s always making me learn new things and stay current. What’s wrong with being two versions behind on an update? We’ll catch up with the party on the next download. No big deal right?

OK shopping – we used to do a heck of a lot more shopping. Yeah and where is my new computer she promised? So what if there are better sales after Christmas? We could sure enjoy it right now! This patience thing is very overrated.

Have I mentioned the hours? We would arrive at work every day at the same time and leave at the same time. Now, we work more hours than ever before and there is no set routine. OK, so we have more personal flexibility and can get more done but still…I miss the birthday parties, retirement parties and the baby showers we used to have at the office. It was a great time to have fun and socialize! And the cake…I do miss the cake…

OK I’ll admit our work does have a tremendous amount of fun built in. And who do you think influenced that decision over seven years ago? Yeah you know it! Yours truly! We get to travel, learn really interesting things from very interesting people, go to cocktail parties, stay in beautiful hotels and work with the best clients ever. Sure she insists that we still work from the road but at least we are on an adventure!

Timely yours, Brenda

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