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The Howes Group Blog - QuestionsAs I recently navigated the labyrinth of the Canadian health system for a family member, it became very clear that I needed to put on my researcher hat and dig deep. (BTW it is a pointy hat that gets into all the nooks and crannies!) The answers I was getting were, in fairness, directly related to the questions I asked. If I didn’t ask the right questions or even know the right questions to ask, I would not receive the clear view of the situation. After many hours, ok days, a clear picture of intel emerged from which a plan was built.

Like any machine that we feed with data, the output is directly related to the input. Including our bodies. It really is: garbage in, garbage out.

Step 1 for any research project is to ensure we are asking the right questions.

So how do we know what to ask? My latest tip is to ask the person who is helping if there is anything they feel we should be asking about or for, and allow them the time to search their mental database for information they have and, more importantly, are willing to impart.

This is true when asking the hotel partners for ‘stuff’. The clients who work with us know we will always ask. Again, through experience, we have learned the questions to ask. This experience has been honed over two decades of trial, error, success and reward. It’s also important to understand if your ‘ask’ is reasonable. Part of the journey is understanding there are no naive questions. However, experience allows us to identify and ask vital questions sooner.

What questions would you like answered? How can we help?

Timely yours,

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