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The only place pirates are tolerable are at a children’s birthday party and the swashbucklers are five years old enjoying the cake and ice cream.

It seems everywhere we turn, there is someone trying to hack into our lives. Cyber security has been apart of our dinner conversation for many years, while in the last two years it seems no one can avoid the conversation.

We love our technology and more than that we love convenience.  As I type this, I am on a train speeding towards Toronto, saving my work to ‘the cloud’ and loving the freedom to work essentially anywhere an internet signal can be found.  We tell designers who produce the products what we want even though we may not quite understand the ramifications.  They hurry products to market to satiate our desires and deal with the issues later.  Each time we are in a restaurant and the serving staff bring over the wireless debit terminal, I am aware that I am vulnerable to someone trying to intercept the transaction and yet I often pay at the table instead of getting up to pay at the main terminal.

Staying one step ahead of those who want to hack into our lives takes effort and time. Each time I receive a security update message, I promptly download it, ensure my passwords have a variety of characters and regularly delete the cache on my computer .  As our digital footprint increases, so does the opportunity for someone to cause malice.

Ahoy to the Conventions Industry Council for forming a committee to tackle this issue.  In the coming months, I look forward to seeing the results from this great collaborative approach.

Timely yours,

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