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One of my favourite commercials because of the message is the Ally Banking commercial (Click here to view), which asks two young girls if they want a pony.  The first girl says yes immediately and is handed a plastic toy pony while the second girl is presented with a REAL pony.  The disappointment and anger on the first girl’s face is classic.  When was the last time you have felt duped?

While the words, ‘buyer beware’ are certainly a reality in our lives, it is because of this that our company plays such an integral role in this industry. It is not always what is written in the contract that will ‘get you’ but what is NOT there.

From having a hotel double book their meeting space, to bumping business for a better ‘more valuable’ client, to having a hotel raise their F&B rates 22% in six months, or having a hotel start a major lobby construction three weeks out from a conference, sadly we have a number of examples simply because of the volume of business The Howes Group books plus our team’s accumulated experience on both sides of the desk.

If you asked a sales person to honestly tell you how often they have had to defend a decision that was made higher than their pay grade, everyone has at least one awful example of having to find the courage to call a client and tell them the ‘news’.

At times is does feel like David and Goliath.  Our role is to create balance.  The question is, do you want the real pony?

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