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The Howes Group AI and RobotsWhen Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Ph.D., speaks about artificial intelligence and robots, I read the article twice. As a former executive of Google China and a past executive of Microsoft and Apple, Lee claims the wave of AI is larger than, ‘all human tech revolutions added together, including electricity, [the] industrial revolution, internet, mobile internet – because AI is pervasive.’

Lee and tech visionaries tell us that in the next decade 50 per cent of jobs will disappear.

Say what?! 

Ok, let’s read that again. In 2017, I read so much on this topic as it fascinates me and ignites my #FOMO. As a gal with a glass half full, this sounds exciting, disruptive and a huge opportunity for something BIG. How will the revolution change us?

In 2018, I will need to renew my Nexus card. Five years ago (already), I made the decision to give away my bio identifiers in favour of convenience while travelling. To this day I am still comfortable with this decision. Then I ask myself if I am ok with a facial recognition check-in for a conference? This gives me pause as it brings up the question of ‘who will own my data’.

When asked if human-to-human interaction will be replaced, Lee feels nothing will replace this interaction. He goes further to explain that the skills we often refer to as ‘soft skills’ will become very valuable.

As he adds:  
“Touching one’s heart with your heart is something that machines, I believe, will never be good at,” he said, explaining that service jobs should be considered “first-class” employment.

For all of my arts and ‘soft skills alma mater’, it appears we shall continue to lead with heart. Carry on!

Timely yours,

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