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Some clients resist using a resort for meetings. Among the reasons given to justify this resistance is that getting there is too long and complicated. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider holding your conference at a resort:

  1. The journey is part of the experience. The drive to a mountain resort or coastal village may be longer, but in our view the trip from the major airport to the resort helps attendees create separation from their day-to-day lives and relax before arriving at the conference.
  2. Enjoy and employ the pre- and post- days for personal benefit. Delegates who bring their families with them save time and money by starting their vacations early on this mandated travel.
  3. Building closer relationships. Resorts often offer unique team building and excursion possibilities which elevate the experience and conference takeaways.
  4. Drive better results. Employing a more remote location vs a city centre generates a higher level of focus on the business at hand and stimulates new ideas.
  5. Better participation. Since very few attendees will be in their hometown, there will be higher attendance and engagement levels for all the events associated with your conference.

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