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January Newsletter Final4


As I raised my glass on New Years Eve to salute the coming year, I heard myself say “Cheers to Sweet Sixteen”. The next day, it was a delight to see the announcement for the ‘colour of the year’ as it aligned perfectly with my vision.  The organization Pantone Color Institute, with a break in tradition, announced two colours for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. The soft pink and the light blue with a hint of purple were selected to invoke calm, balance and wellness for the year.  As I write this piece, I am in Florida surrounded by hues of pastels and white.  It will be fun to see how designers and social architects integrate these colours into our next 365 days.

Just like lighting, colours create a mood.  Using a palette of soft colours to balance our hurried lives is a welcome opportunity to create space.  During the many hotel site visits that I do in a year, I love to see the colours and mediums that the designers use. Secretly I am taking note on what to bring into my home as I know the hotels’ investment in their creations have to have at least a seven-year shelf life.

What colours are you choosing for your blank canvas?  What mood are you creating for your events this year? Hopefully you save some RED to paint the town every so often!

Timely yours,

Upcoming Event:  February 11, 2016 is MPI Tech Day.  There is a wonderful lineup of presenters on a wide scope of topics.  We will present a round table on Cyber Security for our industry. Registration opens soon:  Click Here


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