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TechnoChat Part 4 of 5

In this fourth installment of our discussion with technology partners Freeman Audio Visual, we address the task of determining your group’s internet usage personality.

Before we discuss this, The Howes Group would like to congratulate Freeman Audio Visual for their work on the PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference in Toronto.  The goals and objectives of the conference were to ensure that delegates left changed.  Freeman Audio Visual ensured that all of the keynote speakers that took to the stage were supported with audio visual that was seamless and experiential.  The final recap video that was shown on multiple screens after hours of editing within such a short timeline was amazing.  Bravo!

Technical Questions to Ask:

We have discussed in our prior blogs about the importance of knowing your meeting’s ‘technical personality’.

Ask Your Delegates:

  • In a survey prior to you meeting, ask your delegates how many devices they will use at the meeting?
  • Ask your delegates what sort of internet usage they plan to do during the meeting?

Light– Email, general browsing, social posting (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn)
Standard– Faster speed; stream down to Standard definition video
Premium- Further enhances Standard; download HD video; upload standard definition video
Ultra– Download and upload HD video both ways

Ask Your Network Provider:

  • Ask your provider for a history report.  What is my usage?
  • Will my conference app change the requirements of my internet usage?
  • Are there any physical limitations to the room or building that I need to know about?
  • Are there any rogue signals that are interfering with the quality of my WiFi signal?
  • Based on my history report, what do you recommend we need for this meeting?

A way to be more cost effective when determining bandwidth is to break down usage into high and low users. For example, if you have 200 total connections but only 50 of them require high usage, this will help your provider select a plan best suited to your needs. Identifying which members require more or less bandwidth will help keep costs down and efficiency high.

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