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Howes 101Even though we take all the proper measures to ensure our safety and security, our online (and offline) presence can still be hacked.

As we know this is not a new issue, however the threats are becoming more pervasive as we further adopt more technology into our organizations.

Here are some tips to protect your organization from hotel bedroom pirates:

  1. Limit the amount of information that you post online
  2. Create a portal on your website that requires a password
  3. Ensure that your partners / associates are also inline with your security protocol
  4. Speak to the venue to ensure that their security policy is active
  5. Communicate with your delegates!  Confirm your official room block codes with attendees and warn them about these pirates.

HERE is an example of a website posting from an organization to their attendees warning folks about the unsavory practices of hotel room block poaching.

Tips from Microsoft to creating a strong password, clickHERE

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