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Howes 101Knowing the value of your program ‘to a hotel’ is key to leveraging.  Are you coming at high season?  Do you have flexibility of destination or dates? Are you a ‘good fit’ for the hotel’s bedroom:meeting space ratio? Are you able to expedite the turn around time to sign the contract to meet their end of month or end of quarter?  All of these factors and more will determine how flexible the hotel is able to be during the negotiating process.

Many of the hotel brands have loyalty programs while some brands have running incentive bonuses that you need to ask for.  It’s important to note that it is a bonus and that the incentive does not take away from your ‘wishlist’.

Some of our clients are not able to accept the bonus themselves personally, so we suggest they appoint the points to their Chief Financial Officer as this is an audited position and is easy for the organization to monitor and maintain transparency.  Balanced accounting books = balanced organization.

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