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When this 101 Tips list started coming together years ago, this item had a totally different meaning than it does today. A remote check historically described a physical kiosk offsite from the hotel that would check in folks to the hotel. It was often set up at the airport or at the convention centre and folks would be handed their hotel keys and perhaps delegate packages in a cotton tote bag.

In 2013, many hotel brands moved the concept of checking in to your room securely from your Smart phone closer to reality. Marriott hotels this year was one of the front runners in this technical launch while most brands are testing the implementation in key locations. The system is still evolving as those who have used it have had mixed reviews. Like most things these days, remote check in is a work in progress.

Typically, a guest checks in with their computer or phone before they arrive and enters their expected arrival time. This will cue the housekeeping team who can schedule their day to ensure the room is ready. A bar code is sent to the guest to display on their phone or to print out which they will scan at a kiosk onsite. The kiosk assigns a room and also prints out a plastic key card. This past year some brands are designing their system to allow a Smart phone to open the door, eliminating the plastic key.

My prediction is that like the Nexus kiosks in airports, the retina and fingerprint scanners will be the most secure ports to access almost everything in this modern ‘fangdangled’ world. Don’t blink!

How has technology changed your world in 2013 and beyond? Share your comments here on our blog.

In 2013, The Howes Group hosted ‘Virtual FAMS’ whereby destinations presented themselves to us virtually. It was a great experiment and allowed all of us at THG the opportunity to learn more about twenty four meeting destinations and brands. Thank you to all of the destinations who participated and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d themselves technologically!!!

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