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Howes 101Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what our delegates and members want and how they want it? Survey Monkey has grown a robust business on the need and desire to learn more about what others think. More and more as the world evolves, we will be able to customize and curate our information. Receiving information on our terms is great as long as we know what we want.

Similar to the concept of the personality indicator test of companies like Myers Briggs, the Canadian Tourism Commission has created an EQ quiz to identify your ‘Travellers’ Type’. It is targeted for the leisure market to help individuals understand how they like to travel. Take the test and tell me if you find this accurate to your style. See if you can guess my travel preference!

After I took the test, I started thinking about the different delegate personalities. Here for fun are a few personality types you may recognize from your conference:
The Networker
The Advocate
The Social Butterfly
The Meeting Hijacker
What sort of meeting delegates have ‘you’ met? Send me an email and let me know as this is an area of interest and further exploration. It’s my hope my boss will let me delve deeper into this area of interest. You know she can be such a…

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