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Howes 101When you arrive at any hotel check in after a long journey, at that moment there is nothing better than getting to your room. Although hearing that your room is not ready is a hard message to receive the reality is, the room is simply not ready. We can imagine the army of cleaning staff doing their best to prepare for the next guests and we really want them to do a thorough job.

Having early check in or extending a late check out for the entire delegation is not ‘fair or logical’, so ensuring that your VIPs have this option is a nice touch. We have a number of groups who extend a half day of meetings post conference for the board or executives to meet and include a mention in the contract for these folks. Having it clearly stated always brings comfort.

If you have a number of delegates arriving early another solution is to secure a hospitality suite. It is certainly the platinum welcome for your delegates but it sure would start the journey to conference happiness!

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