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Howes 101To be the only group ‘in house’ is ideal as it reduces the risk of outside disturbances.  When this is not available, it is important to consider your intellectual property and gain written assurances from the hotel and meeting venue that your meeting will be uninterrupted.

Years ago, while working with a client who advocated for better health legislation in Canada, we had secured a conference centre and were shocked to find out that a rival group had booked themselves into the convention centre over the same dates.  The rival group was dishonest in that they booked under a pseudo name which is why we only came to learn of this double booking about three weeks before our event.  After much  discussion, persistence and some luck, the other group did cancel their meeting because our voice created enough disturbance in the community that a major sponsor decided to cancel funding.

The venue was as much a victim as we were because this group had been deceitful in how they presented themselves.  While only a very small amount of revenue was lost for the venue, the lesson for everyone involved was invaluable.

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