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Howes 101While this seems to be something hotels agree to quite easily these days, it is still imperative to include in the contract. These few words are especially important when you are booking into a destination that has compression which reduces the number of rooms available.

While we have discussed history a number of times, it can’t be stressed enough that knowing how many delegates typically come early or how many board meetings happen before the main conference is important as you then need to secure the space.

This week we are working in a compressed Canadian city where one pre night over the conference rate is a staggering 181% increase. The rate difference is over $300 if you wish to come in prior to the conference. In this case, the hotel is not going to extend the pre/post rates because they do not have inventory. Thankfully this is an anomoly and extra communication to delegates will help mitigate the potential disruptive pattern pickup. It is another reminder of the risks organizations take when we are booking two and three years out.

Communication and education to delegates once again will be key to the success of the pickup within the block. Roger that! Over and out…

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