Here’s a Tip

To thank folks for a job well done is rewarding. It means that someone has delivered on their promise to service a request. To me giving is the most selfish act as it makes me feel good – I like [...]

Who Knew?!

In Our Biz… Technology-Enabled Independence With advancements in technology, the business travel experience has never been more seamless. Travellers can research, plan, book and report their [...]

Top 5 Perspectives

This month we debut a new Top Five that will feature insights from our colleagues on the front lines of the hotel business. Say hello to Patricia Townsend, from the Delta Edmonton South. What is [...]

Where Am I?!

Art in Public: Desmond Lomas is part of this art installation in an eastern Canadian city situated snugly on the Bay of Fundy. Do you know where he is? Send your guess by August 25th [...]

Who Knew?!

In our Biz … Is there an evening event at your conference? You’ll probably want to serve some adult beverages. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that your event is a smashing, [...]

Where Am I Revealed?!

Congratulations Heather Reid from Innovative Conferences & Communications! You were correct, Jeanna is in Victoria, British Columbia on Fisherman’s Wharf!! This is just one of the [...]